Complaints handling

At ABLD we work closely with clients assisting them in dealing with complaints. Whether your customer alleges your product or service is not what it should have been, or whether you have been let down by a supplier, we stand ready to vigorously defend your rights.

What we can do for you

  • Work to establish the facts objectively – first and foremost in almost all cases – by teaming-up with your people and independent surveyors or inspectors to verify what needs to be established beyond doubt.
  • Review your legal position based on the facts and available contract documentation, and present alternatives on how to best achieve your objectives.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to reach an out of court settlement and litigate if an acceptable settlement does not seem possible. If need be we will initiate summary proceedings requesting injunctive relief and court orders that can be enforced in a matter of weeks if not days.

Why us

  • We are good lawyers: we know what it takes to protect your interests and have ample experience in dealing with complaints on behalf of clients.
  • We are pragmatic lawyers: there is always more at stake than just the complaint you are forced to deal with, whether it’s a continuing client relationship, production continuity or other strategic interests. We’ll advise and act accordingly.
  • We know about food and agribusiness: There is nothing more important than dealing with facts and placing them in the context of your business. Our understanding of the industry enables us to think creatively and proactively with you.

Are you dealing with a complaint right now? Or do you want to be prepared for anything that might be coming your way?

Give us a call or send us a message. We’d be happy to help.