Debt collection - No Win No Fee

ABLD’s approach to collecting outstanding invoices and unpaid debts is tailored to your needs. If you have not been paid by your customer, we can help you collect the outstanding debt. We have a broad variety of legal instruments at our disposal to force your customer to pay what he owes you.

What we can do

While you may be far away, perhaps overseas and in a different time zone, easily ignored in the perception of your customer, ABLD’s involvement on your behalf will certainly not be.

  • We will calculate and charge your customer with the full amount he owes you: if payment is overdue, that is more than just the nominal amount of your invoice, it also includes legal interest and in the majority of cases extrajudicial debt collection costs. The economic effect is often that you’ll receive a 100% (and sometimes even more) of your nominal invoice value, while your customer or debtor ends up paying extra to cover your expenses.
  • We will pursue your customer according to your wishes, which can range from a friendly but clear message that payment is due, to a strict and tough approach making clear that you no longer accept any further delays. And we do so in the language of your customer, whether it’s English, French, German or another European language like Polish or Russian.
  • If you have reasons to believe that your customer is on the verge of bankruptcy or may be attempting to hide assets, we may be able to request (ex parte) conservatory measures, initiate summary proceedings or take other forceful measures to induce payment quickly. Let us know and we’ll discuss the options and costs with you.


Here is how it works:

  • A non-refundable case handling charge: In all cases we charge € 395 per customer or debtor that owes you (regardless of the number of claims against any one customer). The case handling charge covers our expenses relating to due diligence, extracts and research of public information.
  • No Win No Fee: If we successfully collect, our fee will be 15% of the amount collected on your behalf. If we are unable to collect, and for whatever reason you cannot, should not or simply have no desire to proceed, our fee is zero.
  • No Win No Fee + uncontested litigation fees: If your customer, despite our efforts, continues to withhold payment and does not raise substantive objections to the amount claimed by you, we will generally be able to initiate legal proceedings to obtain a default judgment in court. Before doing so, we are required to provide you with legal advice concerning the competent court, applicable law, advice on how such proceedings work and the costs of litigation. For this mandatory legal advice we charge € 450. Subsequent legal proceedings, if you decide to pursue (which is your choice), will be charged at a fixed fee of € 2,550, plus third party costs (court fees, process server costs and outside counsel to the extent litigation takes place outside the Netherlands). In addition to the aforementioned, we will be entitled to 15% No Win No Fee on all amounts recovered from your customer.
  • Litigation fees: If your customer at any time raises substantive objections that cannot be readily refuted, the Rules of Professional Conduct prevent us from continuing with the case on a No Win No Fee basis. In such case, if you decide you wish to continue with legal proceedings, we will charge you our fees at the standard hourly rate. When at the end of such proceedings we are able to collect payment on your behalf, no further fees will be due other than the fees already incurred (15% No Win No Fee does not apply).

Are you dealing with unpaid invoices? Let us take care of this so that you can dedicate your time to other important issues. We’d be happy to start working for you.

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